Thursday, December 25, 2008

In Response to Carol Fosdick's Attack on Me

The Jones Harvest blog site posted this new attack on me from their author Carol Fosdick. Then Carol asked Brien to forward the letter to me. This is my response to her:

Hi Carol,
Brien forwarded your email to me. You can always feel free to write to me directly in the future. I would like to respond to your comments.

Dear Brien, I would like to reiterate my support of you in the face of Bonnie Kay's last attack. She must indeed be a very vindictive, bitter woman.

Carol, I am not sure why you would think that I am vindictive and bitter. I resent the fact that so many of our Airleaf victims became Jones Harvest victims. They reached out to me for help in the beginning when they saw they were being defrauded again, this time by JH. I took on the Airleaf campaign, and it would be ridiculous for me to ignore their pleas for help a second time or ignore them. In the beginning, I had them write to Brien and the first five did get their money back, but then it stopped because Brien can afford to give money back, in spite of the fact that he guaranteed it. I guess he had to fill in something on his website when he took down that guarantee--but you filled the void in that spot.

As you know, I have had nothing but good results from Jones Harvest Publishing. You have gone out of your way to treat me well. In working with you on almost a daily basis, I feel I am gaining name recognition, my latest goal to sell more of my books. I do thank you for the honor you recently bestowed on me.

I am glad you are having good results from Jones Harvest. If the other nearly 50 authors who are now filing charges through government agencies had good experiences, I'd have lots more time to devote to my own career instead of helping them. But they are my first priority because I am a human services professional--always have been--and someone has to stand up for the rights of the vulnerable people in this country.

As far as the gaining "name recognition," the only ones who really looks at the JH site daily are me and other members of my group who are helping to organize the other authors who have been scammed. Since Amazon has your book listed with not one sale, I don't think the recognition has gone very far.

I cannot help but wonder just what Bonnie Kay's motive is. Undoubtedly to feather her own nest with her own company. Why does she feel she must destroy another business to build her own?

Carol, I don't have a company. I am a relationship counselor. I also own a school. I have no interest in the publishing business now or ever. I know Brien likes to tell that to people in desperation, but it's a lie.

It just shows me what a petty, small person she is. Great minds grapple with great concepts; petty minds grapple with fault-finding, gossip, and destroying others.

Actually, the great concept I grapple with is not having people lose thousands of dollars to fraud. If you came to me and said you were charged thousands of dollars for services that were never provided, I wouldn't look at you as being a petty person looking to find fault. I would look at you as a victim, which you are, but don't even realize it yet.

I notice she says, "Happy Holidays", instead of "Merry Christmas". In this day and age of political correctness, this tells me something --- that she is secular.

Actually, I am not secular. I am Jewish. And the members of our group are Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. I think it would be prejudicial of me to leave out any one of them.

If I were to give her advice, I would recommend she watch Joel Osteen on TV weekly. She might get some humility and some good grounding on living up to her potential. And I'll guarantee you, she wastes so much time going after others, her own work surely has to suffer.

You are right--my own work does suffer because I spend hours weekly working with people who have been violated and "raped" all over again. Most of the victims are elderly, disabled, and people with language differences who don't understand why they are being promised something that hasn't happened.

Carol, please let Brien know that if I have the opportunity to go to court with him, I will bring in the former employees who will be sworn to tell the truth about what really goes on there. At that point, they will be asked what Brien Jones really says about you behind your back. Maybe then you'll realize that he is making a total fool out of you and has been for a long time. Right now, Brien is using you as a "shill." In case you are not familiar with that word, a shill is a person used by a con man. Con men can't work without shills. Con artists know while people are easy to fleece and separate from their money they won't really begin forking it over until they see someone they can identify with as coming out on top, winning, having the claims of the con artist come true for them.

If Jones Harvest is as honest as it says it is, then there is nothing to worry about, is there? I am just an organizer. The government officials are doing the investigating. When all falls into place, let's see who really is the liar here and who really is guilty. It isn't me.

To you, Carol, Merry Christmas. Maybe if you and Brien can invest some positive energy into selling your book instead of attacking me, you will get some book sales.

Best regards,
Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.


  1. The first skill an accomplished con artist must be able to exhibit is similar to the skill required of a magician. Distraction. Deflection. They call it misdirection. Occupy your attention elsewhere as they go to work.
    I do not know Carol Fosdick.
    I do know Brien Jones through his conning me and countless others while he was the number two man at Airleaf Publishing, which went out of business due to fraudulent activity.
    You are not the number two man at a company and work daily without knowledge of or input into frudulent actions which ultimately result in the demise of that company.
    We all need to stop buying into this the people at the top are innocent and unaware and mere victims themselves.
    The misdirection displayed here is complete. There is not one word from Carol Fosdick which goes to the problem, which is continuted fraudulent behavior by Brien Jones - no matter where he works. Even as the number one man at his own company now that Carl Lau has been dispensed with.
    Instead Carol Fosdick gets into ramblings of religion, political correctness, and acts as if she is the end word on what great minds versus petty minds accomplish.
    By Carol Fosdick's definition we would have to believe that Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, and all the men and women working for and fighting in the Allied Forces in WWII had petty minds since they ultimately found victory through finding the faults of the enemy and destroying them.
    Her email does nothing but deflect. There is no illumination.
    There are no facts.
    I deal in facts. I work daily against myths, distortions, inaccuracies, lies, and misinformation.
    I know for a fact that Books of Excellence, which is consistently referred to incorrectly as Bonnie Kay'e publishing business is nothing but a collective of authors who were conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Carl Lau and Brien Jones. Period.
    Those authors have their books printed wherever they choose. They then pay a very nominal one time fee to cover website costs. The authors merely have the Books of Excellence website as a collective venue in which to bring their individual books to market since they were lied to at every trun by Carl Lau and Brien Jones.
    The authors set it up as to how they operate. Not Bonnie Kaye.
    So first we need to begin telling the complete story and not omit vital information, this creating misinformation. Misdirection, again.
    Then to go off in multiple tangents including religion is just laughable were this not such a serious case of fraudulent actions.
    Carol Fosdick is just another in a small cast, an ever shrinking cast of shills, those giving the air of legitmacy to a con artists scheme. Do not fall victim to this misdirection.
    The facts are Brien Jones at Jones Harvest has made repeated promises he failes to deliver on. Yet he is always willing to take more money from people.
    I still too this day receive solicitations in the mail from Jones Harvest and their bogus con game.
    Yes, the letter looks okay. It reads as if they are a legitimate book publisher and they are eager and oh so sincere to help you become a successful author.
    It's all hogwash. Hockum. Malarkey. Baloney. Lies. Fraud. Just another con scheme.
    Do not fall prey to the voice in your head of glory, of fame, of riches, of success. None of those traits will befall you if you become ensnared by Brien Jones at Jones Harvest.
    You will have misery. You will lose money. You feel feel despair. Feel duped. Feel anger. You will end up with less of everything, including self-esteem and money.
    Do not get caught up in the misdirection.
    Carol Fosdick is just another hand moving over something that has nothing to do with the trick about to play out. It's just an empty hand to misdirect you as the other empties your pockets, your bank account.
    Carol Fosdick is like the big handkerchief used to distract before the fake paper flower pops up out of the fake walking stick.
    Don't be part of Jones Harvest tricks. Their tricks are not amusing or entertaining - they are painful.
    Carol Fosdick is not a successful writer with Jones Harvest. She isn't selling books. Just more facts.
    Here's the differnce you see, I did sell books and Airleaf never paid me a dime, but then I had no desire to become one of their shills, and I asked "Where's my royalties? Where is my quarterly statement you promised? Where are the radio spots, the European Book Fair, the pitching my book before Hollywood Producers?"
    It was all a lie.
    It was all a lie for people that got conned by Brien Jones as he was the number two man at Airleaf, and it's still all a lie with him as the number one man at Jones Harvest.
    Ask yourself this - if Bonnie Kaye, about 30 other people to date and their numbers continuing to grow, and people like me are speaking up to voice concern over fruad are we merely nuts? Petty? Delusional? All of us? Even though I do not know the names or the email addresses, or the phone numbers of all the others complaining?
    When conned by Airleaf I thought I was all alone. I was frustrated, angry, and upset I had allowed such a terrible con to be played on me.
    Then I came to discover there were hundreds of others just like me. They had the same con job put on them I had done to me. We compared notes and stories. With our foundation of solid facts we ended Carl Lau's reign of fraud.
    I did not complete a many paged official FBI complaint from on a lark, or because I was delusional.
    And you know what? The facts, the truths I wrote down in that report were discovered by law enforcement agencies, the FBI to be factual. No fallacy.
    Carol Fosdick and Brien Jones deal in misinformation, myths, delusion, and fraud. They deal in misdirection.
    You need to decide which side you're going to believe.
    I'm independent.
    I'm not connected with the Books of Excellence.
    There is no personal gain in this for me.
    I took this time, I have taken time in the past, and will put time in the future if need be for one reason and one reason only - JUSTICE.
    The pursuit of truth to bring about a just result.
    I don't want anything from you. Nothing.
    What does Brien Jones want?
    Do you think Carol Fosdick is working hand in hand with Brien Jones because she is such a magnanamous humaitarian and cares about your success?
    Do not fall prey to Brien Jones fruad and his continuing con game. Save your money. Spare yourself the heartbreak and the despair.
    Tell Brien Jones and Carol Fosdick to get out of your life, out of your way, you're not being sucked into their fruad today. Not ever.

  2. Gayla Christie says:
    Carol Fosdick is a good person. A lady with morals and a heart as big as the Colorado sky she lives under. I consider her a friend. And I assk you to remember this before you pass judgement: Carol is a victim just like everyone else here. The only difference is she doesnt know it yet. When she does find out the truth she will be devastated. Remember, To her Brien is a "trusted friend". When the depth of his deceptions and crimes finally come out she will be deeply hurt.
    The reason we are on this site, we have all trusted Brien Jones. We have all believed his lies and deceptions at one point in time.
    Hell, I have even defended him myself a time or two. (Tho it pains me greatly to admit it.) Bonnie Kay herself has done the same thing..BEFORE WE KNEW...BEFORE LEARNED THE HARDWAY..
    Brien's relationships with his shills are like those of an abusive spouse or parent. (Nothing is ever his fault. No one ever understands him. The classic 'He knows he made a mistake' and he'll never hit you again/cheat on you again/ or charge you fraudulently again..If you leave he won't have anyone...You're all hes got.) It invokes a sense of responsiblity and protectiveness. They never stop to think that it is a learned behavior and he has done it numerous times and gotten by with it..thats how he knows to repeat it.
    He's been doing this for years and has great skill at pulling others into his game. SO
    Lets not lose sight of the reason we are here. It is to protect others and help the victims of Brien Jones/Jones Harvest/Author Celebrity....blah blah blah etc etc etc.

    Brien is "a snake in the grass". A snake is methodical. It has no feelings or emotions. It hunts. It devours. It seeks out its next victim and continues. "In the grass" refers to his ability to conceal himself and his intentions. Unfortunately, Most people don't realize they're in the presence of a snake until they step right in the middle of it.

  3. Dear Gayla, I want to thank you for making me aware of this, and for the nice things you said about me. You are a true friend, and I really appreciate your concern. Thanks, Carol