Sunday, October 21, 2012


Dear Friends, This is an update about Brien Jones of Jones Harvest Publishing. On October 13, 2012, I received a letter from the bankruptcy court in Indiana stating that Brien and Brandy Jones have filed for bankruptcy. On the day that I received this notice, Brien Jones a picture on his Facebook page with his family taken from brighter days--the days when he had a "brick and mortar" bookstore opened on the monies he swindled out of two of his authors. Well, at least he named the store after them. I find it ironic that Brien Jones would post this picture of his family on the day that Jones knew that people would be receiving this notice from the Indiana bankruptcy court. I think this takes a lot of audacity to post a family group picture and smile--obviously with contempt. I say contempt because numerous ex-employees have told me how they would sit and laugh at the misfortunes of those who put their trust--and money--in the hands of this unscrupulous family. And I say family because his wife Brandy participated in the scam, and his mother defended it. I have his mother's email asking me why I was picking on her son. I went on to inform her about each of the authors and former employees who had put in their complaints to me and how her son wasn't being "picked on" but rather "exposed." Jones, who masterminded most of the thievery of Airleaf Publishing, went on to start his own company where he learned he could out-steal even himself. For instance, under the guise of Christian books, he found a Christian author, Linda Ockels, to collaborate with him to mislead unsuspecting Christian authors into a publishing scam by creating a division of Jones Harvest called "My Perfect Heart." I mention that because I think that it is a double disgrace to rob people in the name of "Christianity." Ockels disappeared several years ago before Jones closed up shop. I suppose her authors were angry when they realized there were no sales--or in some cases--any books published after contributing their hard-saved money. Brien Jones robbed people who were elderly, disabled, limited in their English speaking/writing ability, and people overseas who could do little to fight for justice while here in America there was no justice against his fraudulence. Here's something that I'll never understand. If a man robs a convenience store for $300.00, he can go away to jail for years. But if a crook robs hundreds or even thousands of people through fraudulence, the State of Indiana doesn't view this as a crime. There is something very sad here with this twisted logic. This week, I spoke to several representatives of the bankruptcy court in Indiana including the case manager for the case. Since they weren't very sympathetic or helpful telling me that we should all hire an attorney, I sent a letter to the Bankruptcy Court Trustee, Ann M. DeLaney. I want to let her know that what Brien Jones has done to authors is not "bad business" worthy of bankruptcy. Here is what I wrote: October 17, 2012 Ms. Ann M. DeLaney P.O. Box 441285, Indianapolis, IN 46244 Dear Ms. DeLaney, My name is Bonnie Kaye. I am the organizer of a large group of victims of a predatory publishing scam carried out by Brien Arthur Jones who is applying for bankruptcy in your court. The case number is: 12-11565-JKC-13. You can find my websites that were developed to keep our members informed and to warn new unsuspecting victims of this scam at and To date, over 600 authors have come to me after being defrauded by Airleaf Publishing while Brien Jones served as the Executive Vice President of Sales, working in collaboration with his boss Carl Lau. Incidentally, I was successful in getting the General Attorney's office to issue a judgment to Carl Lau on behalf of 122 authors within a certain cohort of time (they couldn't handle the whole group). Like Brien Jones, Carl Lau declared bankruptcy and therefore, none of us were ever awarded the money owed to us. Over 130 authors have come to me after being defrauded by Brien and Brandy Jones trading as Jones Harvest Publishing, and now the same is about to happen letting them off the hook as well. The State of Indiana has done very little to stop this fraudulence over the past seven years in spite of hundreds of complaints that were filed by authors to the government agencies supposedly set up for the protection of the people. In fact, the U.S. Attorney's office, who received comprehensive evidence compiled and presented by the FBI and U.S. Post Office of this fraudulence, concluded these actions were "bad business" and not criminal activity. Ms. DeLaney, the Jones family is not a family that came on hard times due to the economy. On the contrary, some of our authors lost their entire savings due to the deceit and fake promises of Brien Jones. They were promised books that would be made into movies, turned into best sellers, and having their names live forever in the annals of great literature. The preyed on the most vulnerable of vulnerable people--the elderly including people in nursing homes, people in poverty who were hoping to find an avenue to feed their families, immigrants to our country who had limited English knowledge, devout Christians who were sold book packages under the guise of "Christianity," and people with disabilities. They bilked some people out of hundreds of dolalrs--and others out of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. You can read some of these testimonies on my websites, or I can send you some of their anguished letters they sent to me for help in their desperation. I have a list of the monies they brought in over some of those years to give you an idea of how massive this predatory scheme was. I would be happy to turn that over to your office upon request. On the day that I and others received the bankruptcy notice, Brien Jones posted a picture of his family smiling on Facebook as if they had no cares in the world. That's because they don't. If you allow this bankruptcy to go through, then once again, they have reason to laugh with contempt because they will once again get away with everything illegal they have done resulting in hurting so many people. According to the notice that your office sent to me and others, you are having a meeting with the creditors on October 31. In all fairness, so many of these creditors will be unable to find their way into your courtroom on that date due distance, age, and medical conditions. I am sure that many of them haven't even been notified. Is there a way that their voices can be heard and represented by giving them more time to be notified and prepared? Please see my blogs at This will give you many of the details that have come about over the past few years. In fact, by the time you do read the blog, this letter will be posted on there for our members to read. Ms. DeLaney, I am letting our members know about this situation. I will wait for your response. If I don't hear from you, I will advise them to get in touch with you on their own. Thank you for your help and consideration. Sincerely, Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed. Organizer, If you have been a victim of Brien Jones, Brandy Jones, and/or Jones Harvest Publishing, now is the time to be heard. Write to the bankruptcy court in Indiana and let them know how you have been robbed by one of the most grand publishing schemes in history. You can write to: Ms. Ann M. DeLaney P.O. Box 441285, Indianapolis, IN 46244 Write to Ms. DeLaney and let her know that you want justice! Write to me if you have any questions at Love, Bonnie

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Victims of Brien Jones/Jones Harvest Publishing/My Perfect Heart/My Cheating Heart, etc., I had six authors contact me in the past few weeks about sending Brien Jones money (made out to Brien Jones--not to his bankrupt company) to have their left over books sent to them for just the cost of shipping. I guess when authors got tired of listening to his offers to buy back their books at a discount--books they had already paid for--he took the next step of having them send just the postage. Funny thing--weeks went by and no one received their books which is why they wrote to me--until yesterday. I gave these authors the name and phone number of the Detective at the Bloomington Police Force that I made a complaint to several months ago on behalf of defrauded authors after Jones Harvest went out of business with a...well...never mind. So here's some good news. One author notified me that she received her books yesterday on June 30 after paying on April 24. So it looks as though there is a 7 - 10 week wait for books to be returned to you. So if you have sent Brien money--be patient, be hopeful, and maybe they will come your way. By the way, have any of you had contact with linda Ockels recently? With love, Bonnie Kaye