Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last week when Brien Jones wrote his usual blog attacking me and my imaginary “lies,” he made the major mistake of attacking some of the most prominent people in the business of exposing predatory publishing. In his usual irrational, sociopathic manner, he threw in the names of Victoria Strauss, Lee Goldberg, and Julie Neidlinger berating them in an effort to defend himself. This was a major mistake for him because he publicly exposed himself to be the erratic, irrational, and desperate man that he is. Each of these people he attacked quickly wrote blogs in disgust and to set the record straight. And these are people who matter in the world of writing where Brien Jones doesn’t matter to any reliable and credible source in the publishing world.

I guess the power of the bloggers really hurt him because that post has now quickly disappeared from his blog. Now on his blog are a few of his defenders and attackers of “Bonnie Kaye,” so let’s see what rewards have been bestowed upon them for coming to Brien’s defense at the expense, at times, of defaming me.

The list of Jones supporters who attack me personally in the blog are Carol Fosdick, Patty Harlow, D. H. Gauvey, and even though not directly, indirectly Nancy Bauser. Is it any wonder how they now show up on the cover page of JH, with Nancy Bauser listed as “Author of the Year,” Carol Fosdick as “Best New Fiction,” and Patty Harlow on the front page of the website (although her listing has gone from the original second row when her letter appeared to the last row) and also featured on the front page of Author Celebrities. D. H. Gauvey was moved up to the first page of “Author Celebrities” when his letter came out, but now has faded to the second page. I guess he needs an updated attack letter.

Other supporters of JH, not quite attackers of me, but supporters on the blog include Alfred McCroskey of “Bibles for Russia”—now on the first row of Author Celebrities and the JH website, and Gerry Edwards on the cover page as a Best Selling Author. Well, actually Edward’s books do sell, so at least that’s most likely the truth. It’s doubtful that any JH authors are selling more than Edwards because according to their royalty checks that range on the average from a dollar and change to six dollars and change, he stands a chance of actually claiming that title.

On the other hand, poor Noriaki Osada is listed as a “Best Seller of 2008” for Jones Harvest. Mr. Osada, a victim of the Jones Harvest Fraud in tune to the amount of $7,000.00. For that money, Mr. Osada was promised three author reviews by real reviewers as opposed to Brien Jones and his nephew Tim, both of his books taken to the Book Fairs as opposed to just one of them, and the usual undone deeds guaranteed to make him a celebrity. It makes you wonder why the “Best Seller” is a man who has received a total of $40.00 in royalty checks—last year—but nothing this year. Sad, isn’t it? And let that be a lesson—if the best seller has received $40.00, is it any wonder that most people have never received anything? This is so typical of the misleading and fraudulent services offered by Jones Harvest. Mr. Osada, a fine and proud man from Japan, has a limited understanding of the English language, and like others in his position, it’s easy to take advantage of him.

But getting back to my original point, I have a great idea for the JH authors who are looking for prominent positioning on his numerous websites that are read by...well, mostly me checking him out. If you want to be a “Celebrity” or “Starred Author,” or even be part of the “Bargain Basement” books (whatever that means), you don’t have to cough up thousands of dollars as you’ve done in the past. Just write a nasty letter about Bonnie Kaye and you’re sure to get prominence. Since I am looking to save you money, you have my permission to make up whatever attacks you want about me because that seems to get front page exposure. In fact, if you need help in making up lies about me, just drop me a note and I’ll be sure to think of some new ones. The old ones about blackmailing Jones into publishing books for free for me and my friends, owning a publishing company, and making money from authors is really growing old.


  1. As one who has had first hand relations with JH authors..including Mr. Osada who not only paid the "One time" Author Celebrity fee but was charged numerous times for services he was supposedly already recieving as a "Celebrity"..INCLUDING THE INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL.. They honestly have no idea what they have actually paid for or what they have recieved. Brien talks in circles and makes everything sound so promising, like The "full color" Christmas catalogs that were really printed in black and white..with only a few in color copies sent to authors taken by the scam (which is commmon practice for Brien).
    By the way if anyone ever sees a FULL COLOR copy of the children's book,THE TROLL FAMILY, by Gunn Frantzen please let me know..she paid Brien thousands of $ when he first started his company (years ago) and I havent seen one copy available ANYWHERE yet...Amazon etc. I have even tried ordering one from the JH site direct..
    GOD BLESS BONNIE KAYE, and please help the trusting authors who have been conned by Brien Jones..Amen

  2. "The list of Jones supporters who attack me personally in the blog are Carol Fosdick, Patty Harlow, D. H. Gauvey, and even though not directly, indirectly Nancy Bauser."

    It's laughable. The people giving testimonials to this unrepentant scammer are complete unknowns who have no credibility as authors or experts in publishing. Anybody who thinks that it's an honor to be dubbed a "celebrity" by their printer clearly isn't too bright to start with.

    To be honest, I have little sympathy for anyone dim enough to be taken in by Brien Jones...but I have faith that, given the current economic climate, he'll be out-of-business very soon. The gullible and desperate aspiring authors that he preys upon, many of whom are elderly and probably live on a fixed income, simply aren't going to be able to afford his "services" any longer.

    Hopefully, when that day comes, Brien will finally give up the vanity press biz and get the one job in publishing that he's actually qualified for: sweeping the floors at a Barnes & Noble.


  3. You will be pleased to know that my attorney and I have brought in the Attorney Generals' Offices from Indiana, Illinois,Ohio and California.

    Brien Jones will do hard time and hopefully his despicable family will as well.

    This time it is criminal and this clown already has two strikes !

  4. So, Anonymous, it has been two months...has anything come out of your complaints to the various AGs?

  5. Actually Lee, I am coordinating the complaints to the Indiana Attorney General's office. This is a long and ridiculous process that can frustrate the most determined of people. However, we are proceeding. To date, I have complaints from nearly 70 of the Jones Harvest customers. His staff has been reduced to four people including Brien Jones, his wife Brandy, his mother-in-law, and a clerk. Everyone else is gone.
    Authors continue to contact me on a regular basis about their nightmares with this company. The government of Indiana has made it clear that crooks who fraudulently take money from authors is not really a crime in their eyes as much as it is a "bad business practice." I am still pushing for criminal charges against Airleaf and this is coming very slowly. If there is not some movement by April, our group will take things to the next step.
    Thank you so much for your concern and support. Please let me know if you would like copies of my documentation of this situation by contacting me at Bonkaye@aol.com.
    With deep appreciation,
    Bonnie Kaye