Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Victims of Brien Jones/Jones Harvest Publishing/My Perfect Heart/My Cheating Heart, etc., I had six authors contact me in the past few weeks about sending Brien Jones money (made out to Brien Jones--not to his bankrupt company) to have their left over books sent to them for just the cost of shipping. I guess when authors got tired of listening to his offers to buy back their books at a discount--books they had already paid for--he took the next step of having them send just the postage. Funny thing--weeks went by and no one received their books which is why they wrote to me--until yesterday. I gave these authors the name and phone number of the Detective at the Bloomington Police Force that I made a complaint to several months ago on behalf of defrauded authors after Jones Harvest went out of business with a...well...never mind. So here's some good news. One author notified me that she received her books yesterday on June 30 after paying on April 24. So it looks as though there is a 7 - 10 week wait for books to be returned to you. So if you have sent Brien money--be patient, be hopeful, and maybe they will come your way. By the way, have any of you had contact with linda Ockels recently? With love, Bonnie Kaye